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My name's Derek!
I own a computer repair business.
I like scenic visual content, digital art and funny things.
I'm pretty friendly and like meeting new people so hit that ask box up?
Music is my life. I used to skateboard a lot. I also have lived in Japan from 07 to 09.
I've had a pretty interesting life and I like a good conversation.

TIL Bill Cosby is a conservative hillbilly.

Thank goodness.

The things I’m reading on facebook disgust me. And to be completely honest. I’m embarrassed to be related to most of my ignorant relatives. And for the ones that are furious and just so shocked? 

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Whelp. Expect even younger brainwashed mormon missionaries at your door step now. Poor fools don’t even know what they’re getting themselves into… asking highschoolers to go on missions now?

When you wake up and you’re still sleepy and you haven’t had anything to wake you up yet and you’re like.

As you drink something that gives you energy.