That Guy

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My name's Derek!
I own a computer repair business.
I like scenic visual content, digital art and funny things.
I'm pretty friendly and like meeting new people so hit that ask box up?
Music is my life. I used to skateboard a lot. I also have lived in Japan from 07 to 09.
I've had a pretty interesting life and I like a good conversation.

When I was younger, I used to live in Japan. Me living in Japan is a whole nother story. But I moved away from this place called CC. When I came back from Japan to CC, I stayed over at a friends house for a bit before we moved back into our old house. The god damn second fucking day I got back. My friend has a brilliant idea to jump on her trampoline. It started with “When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline Derek? - Oh you know what? Three fucking years, lets go do that.” And guess what I cut my toe almost all the way off on.

The fucking trampoline.

That’s bullshit. lol I spent the next few months limping around my new house. Enjoying America again. As a gimp.. lol The worst part is I remember my friends mom deciding to drive me to the hospital, instead of waiting for a ambulance. I mean I guess that’s ok. It all worked out, and my toe still works. But I was mother fucking bleeding. I was so out of it too. Everyone said I turned white. You know that moment when instead of freaking out, you think to yourself “Awh shit.. this is going to get a lot worse, before it gets any better”. Yeah that was me. Everyone was freaking out, running around my ass. As I’m standing there. The only thing I could say was “oh.. crap..” not “ouch” or any of that. Nah, that’s not me. I was all. “Shit!” this is going to suck. lol

Anyway, that’s the story of how I cut my toe practically off 2 days after moving back from Japan to my home town.


It was such a simpler life. There was an age for me when I was old enough to understand a lot of things about the world. But not need reasons to live my life to the fullest. I still had a lot of fight in me.
Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot of hopes and dreams. But I feel like sometimes life throws too much at you all at once. And there’s no recovering time.

I had so much fun in Japan, it was a huge adventure. Skate Boarding, girls, drama, cops, video game tournaments, and just worrying about fitting in.

Do you guys remember what it was like? When all you had to worry about was doing homework on time, having the right things in your back pack in the morning, and hoping you were going to meet up with your friends during or after school.

Now that I read back on this. Maybe I’m living in the past. (-_- ) lol
My point is, no matter where you are in your life. Have fun.

Don’t fret about things so much, because time is something we can’t stop, slow down, or speed up. It’s constantly going, and if we don’t enjoy the things we have currently, it’ll be over in a second. And all you’ll have left is a memory, and something to look back at and think.. gee wiz, that was fun.

You ever sit down at your computer chair after a long-ish vacation.. and just realize.. fuck. That all just happened, in almost a instant. I’m back, here I am. Was that really a week? Was Japan honestly 2 and a half years of my life? Did I date that person for that long? Have I known my best friend.. wow that long?!
Time is always changing us, and things around us. Enjoy it now. Please!
I’m still working at this philosophy myself. Don’t worry, it’s not easy. 

I’ll admit it, letting go of the past is hard. Enjoying life right now? Can be hard too.

But the easiest thing you can try, is at least giving tomorrow another chance.
We all have different challenges in our own lives.

How’s your life going?